FAQS on the APP

How can I build up a political or physical map?

To build up a physical or political map you can select your preferred layers as well as at the right side as at the left side in the layers menu of your screen.

How can I start to build up a map?

To build up your physical or political map you can either start from the physical, political or blank map version given, at your choice.

With the layers menu you can hide or show populations, borders, color layers, peaks, rivers, or any many other planimetric information to build up your wished map.

Is there any searcher to have cities, mountains, rivers, etc. located?

Yes, the toponyms searcher allows the user to locate and show toponyms of cities, mountains, rivers, etc., by introducing a name or a longitude and latitude coordinate.

What is the map menu for?

To access the Edigol Ediciones and open source maps.

How can a bookmark be used, and what kind of content can I upload within?

Bookmarks allow to place objects to mark points on the earth’s surface on the map. They are a graphic and audio-visual presentation tool that can be edited in order to create a presentation format so that the teacher, the student or the professional can create its own wished map.

In a bookmark you can insert from hyperlinks to graphics or multimedia content such as audio, video, photos and files. You can create as many bookmarks as you want and delete any of them if you wish so. Also, once you've created and saved a bookmark with multimedia content within, you can always go back and add more content in the same bookmark. You can add a certain number of audios, videos, photos or files within.

Finally, you can also create bookmark categories, in such a way that you can group them in any way you want.

What can I measure with the measurement tool?

This tool allows to measure distances or areas in straight lines. This information can be stored/saved as objects in an interactive layer to get distances between cities, borders, routes, watercourses, as well as contours and areas of any surface.

Also, measurement tool hosts the Capture territory tool allowing the user to compare the area and the shape between two distant countries in latitude, and observe the distortion, related to the Pseudo-Mercator map projection, that occurs in its apparently changing size on the map. For example, to drag with the mouse Greenland to an equatorial zone will significantly reduce its size to verify that its real area is actually equivalent to many equatorial countries.

To build up statistical maps from my data, can I use any kind of spreadsheet format?

The spreadsheets to be loaded into a bookmark must be in a CSV (values separated by commas), KML or GPX formats.

What is the legend at the right bottom of the map for?

The dynamic legend displays certain elements located in the map and it shows all layers of geographic and cartographic interest that you are visualizing in that moment. For instance, the legend allows to display toponyms according to population, but this information will only be shown if the population layer has been selected from the layers menu. When deselected it will no longer be visible from the legend.

Sometimes maps are not loaded as fast as I'd like to, what can I do?

Check if your internet connection is an estable one. Geointeractiva is optimized to be used in connections with speeds from 5mbps or higher, and its use in mobile networks without a 4G connectivity it's not recommended.

The web works slowly and / or it is difficult to scroll through the maps.

To use Geointeractiva, your browser must be updated with the latest version. For the best performance, Google Chrome or Safari browsers are recommended, although it can work with any modern browser.

Please note that the application makes an intensive use of WebGL, so it is also recommended that you enable hardware acceleration in your browser and set the 3d graphics options to the maximum on your computer.

FAQS on the WEB

Who is the Geointeractiva App aimed at?

The application is designed for not only an educational use, but its versatile and complex tools and functions are also designed for experienced users, such as academic students and professionals, who carry out field works in the field of the observation and study of nature and need to organize, edit and share them in a cartographic environment.

Once I've logged in, where can I see the maps and access to with my license?

Once you've logged in, the first screen to be loaded is the one of the saved and predetermined maps, where your saved maps and the Geointeractiva maps are hosted.

What is the Interactive classroom for?

It is the space where you can see the maps you're sharing with the groups to belong to. Gorups are managed by the users' administrators.

Who can I share my maps with?

You can share your maps with your license's users.

What is the administration space for?

From this space the license administrator can manage the license's users to add or delete them, as well as to manage user groups, for example to create them and integrate users or delete the groups. You will also be able to view your invited fellows, to check if they have activated their application or if it's still pending. Finally, and only in case that you are a license supermanager, you'll be able to assign the manager role to other users.

Can my money be returned to me once it has been charged to my credit card?

When you buy an individual plus or academic license you have a 14-day free trial before you are charged to your credit card. At the end of your free trial you can continue or refuse it. Once you have decided to keep your license, the paid fee will not be refunded. Remember that if you have bought an individual license there is no 14-day free trial.

I have logged in but I've not been sent the confirmation email, what can I do?

You can try again to send again an email by clicking on the Send again button. Check your email Spam folder, and if you don't receive it get in contact with our support service (support@geointeractiva.com).

The application doesn't properly work and/or I have detected an error.

If you're registering problems in your experience with Geointeractiva fill out this Contact form describing the problem and we'll check it as soon as possible to give you the solution.

What payment methods do you accept to pay for the subscription?

You can pay for your subscription by bank transfer, PayPal, Visa and MasterCard.

If you do not have access to any of these payment methods, you can try using a prepaid card, accessible through various providers such as Visa, MasterCard or Paypal.

You can add or update your payment information in the Subscription section within My Geointeractiva Account.

Is it safe to enter my credit card?

Totally, since we do not store the data of your card in our servers, but we charge directly using Chargebee, a secure and external payment gateway to our servers.

All Geointeractiva servers use the HTTPS protocol, guaranteeing the secure transaction of data between client-server.

The passwords of our users are encrypted in our database in a non-reversible way (hash) and use the most modern algorithms.

Our servers are hosted within the European Economic Space, ensuring compliance with the General Regulation of Data Protection (GRDP) during the storage and data processing, through our suppliers:

    Digital Ocean (servers hosted in Frankfurt)
    Clouding.io (servers hosted in Barcelona)

Geointeractiva complies with Self-Assessment Questionnaire A-EP and Attestation of Compliance (SAQ A-EP) for the data processing of Credit cards. The credit cards data of our subscribers are managed by Chargebee, a company attached to the GRDP and certified as PCI Compliance Level 1, which guarantees the maximum data security.

What should I do if they do not accept my card?

Banks do not usually offer detailed information when a credit card is rejected. If the card information seems to be correct, contact your bank, request more information and ask for the future charges acceptance.

Where can I see my invoices?

Every time you make a subscription, regardless of the payment method used, we will notify you via email. You can also access the payment history by entering your Geointeractiva account, in the Subscription section in Payment history.

How can I cancel my subscription?

In the Subscription section you can deactivate your subscription, but remember that the fee paid will not be refunded, and when one year has elapsed since your purchase you will be able to renew your subscription.

In the My Account space you can also delete your account, and both your subscription and all your data will be deleted; but don't worry, because at any time you can re-register and buy a new subscription.

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