About us

Edigol offers you Geointeractiva, a multiplatform and an interactive digital tool for the study and work of geography and cartography applied in the academic, educational and domestic areas, presented as an online interface of customizable maps.

Geointeractiva is born from Edigol, a publishing house of cartography and educational charts present in the school and academic market since 1976.

The main activity of Edigol still consists in the map publishing; however, to respond to the new technologies challenge in education, we have developed a new editorial line of digital cartography and geography with an online access application.

The Geointeractiva app focuses its usability to anyone interested in experiencing an online and interactive cartography space with the ability to expand its content, customize it and allocate both for an academic use and for a general interest, in the cartography and human geography fields.

Within this virtual workspace there are hosted, and they will be incorporated, a series of tools, functions and projects which will be proposed by the programming and design Geointeractiva team.

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